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Memory Lost Chinese Drama Review & Thoughts 美人为馅 (Guest Review)

I only started Memory Lost after hearing my friends’ nonstop raving of the series, and fortunately, by that time, all three seasons were out.

My Rating: 8/10
The beginning started with our heroine Bai Jin Xi (YANG RONG) trespassing into a swimming pool party to solve a case. She was falsely informed by her subordinate, Zhou Xiao Zhuan, that it was a cocktail party, so she was dressed in an elegant black cocktail dress. To enter, she had to cut her dress to what the guard considered an acceptable swimsuit. In the hotel, watching the party from above, we have our hero Han Chen (Bai Yu) calmly sipping some wine and sketching the outline of a woman’s face in his book. Jin Xi found the target she was looking for and started fighting with them all the way into the hotel; she, of course, bumped into our hero. Mistaking him for one of the bad guys, she started to fight with him. *This marked the first and rather bumpy interaction between our OTP* Bai Yu escaped the scene, but not before wound…

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