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Princess Agents (Chu Qiao Zhuan) Chinese Drama Review

Like many viewers, I fell into the trap and got addicted to Princess Agents. As a fan of the many actors and actresses (Zhao Liying, Lin Gengxin, Shawn Dou, Li Xin, Ian Wang, etc) in the drama, I watched each episode on the day it was aired until Episode 54 (cut version). That was when I realized the TV station was butchering the series with 10-minutes+ recap and only 20 minutes of new content. Around Episode 54, I started becoming confused with the plot and also the rumors of a second season. I enjoy watching happy endings that have a closure because I don't want to spend 40+ hours on a drama with an open ending that doesn't even have a second installment ready to be aired. I think only TV adaptations of Gu Man's novels successfully capture the original storytelling.

My Review: 7/10 stars
It could have been a second Nirvana in Fire but because of the choppy editings and horrible script writing, it failed. There were so many things that could have been elaborated more or cu…
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The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 79 - Part 1

Chapter 79: Meeting by chance

Du Mama was overcome with fear, Li Min Feng hurriedly steady her, loudly calling for a Daifu (doctor). The Daifu just happened to came with his medicine case, immediately hurrying over when he saw the situation and took Da Furen’s pulse. Then his expression became incomparably imposing. Li Min Feng demanded: “Daifu, is my mother well?”
Daifu’s expression does not look good: “This…”
Li Min Feng said: “Stop mumbling!”
Daifu said: “Da Furen originally caught a normal chill, but now she has received a shock, today she is spitting blood due to heart attack anxiety, I have observed from her pulse, her body is in poor health, her heart pulse is weak, if she doesn’t nurse her health, I’m afraid…”
Li Min Feng’s face changed, Da Furen’s health was always good, yet this time she has a weak heart pulse.
“I will prescribe something that help the heart, have her take the medicine, keep an eye on her rest, she must stop taxing her brain, not have too much troubled thoughts, o…

The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 78 - Part 2

Chapter 78: Urging the Evil Spirits

1外祖母 – maternal grandmother
2国公 - An important minister credited with assistance in establishing the country, therefore the word ‘国’ in the title; similar to a duke.

Li Xue Hall

“Min De’s handwriting has surpassed mine.” Li Weiyang said, her lips quirking up at the corners slightly; a smile like spring’s breeze.

Li Min De did not take her comment to heart: “Sanjie likes calligraphy? If you like it, I can always invite Laoshi—”

There were increasingly more people at Li Min De’s side now; without even asking, Li Weiyang naturally knew that his status was extremely special, to have attracted individuals who shouldn’t have reason to appear in Da Li. He never spoke about it, and she did not pry. However, there was indeed something that she had been very curious about. She set down the Xuan calligraphy paper in her hands, and softly uttered: “Da Furen’s courtyard..”

Li Min De paused slightly. He replied casually: “Oh, Sanjie is referring to the news about Aunt’s…