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Princess Agents (Chu Qiao Zhuan) Chinese Drama Review

Like many viewers, I fell into the trap and got addicted to Princess Agents. As a fan of the many actors and actresses (Zhao Liying, Lin Gengxin, Shawn Dou, Li Xin, Ian Wang, etc) in the drama, I watched each episode on the day it was aired until Episode 54 (cut version). That was when I realized the TV station was butchering the series with 10-minutes+ recap and only 20 minutes of new content. Around Episode 54, I started becoming confused with the plot and also the rumors of a second season. I enjoy watching happy endings that have a closure because I don't want to spend 40+ hours on a drama with an open ending that doesn't even have a second installment ready to be aired. I think only TV adaptations of Gu Man's novels successfully capture the original storytelling.

My Review: 7/10 stars
It could have been a second Nirvana in Fire but because of the choppy editings and horrible script writing, it failed. There were so many things that could have been elaborated more or cu…
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The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 71 - Part 1

Chapter 71: To Save A Life


Hai Dong Qing ㅡ a Chinese bird species, also known as a gyrfalcon Zheng fei - official wife of princes, main consort Bi nu - maidservant Jiugong array - lit. Nine Palaces, still not completely sure what it is. Although in context, it seems to be scriptures containing military strategies like Art of War.
The person who had spoken those words was a young boy. If someone were to say the handsome Qi Huangzi over there was no different from a painting and extraordinary when he revealed his talent, then this youth was a stark contrast. Earlier, he quietly sat there, not drawing any attention to himself. But once he spoke, others could not help but turn their attention to him. Even when he did not smile, he was already the most beautiful painting. Now that he was clearly smiling, others recognized that in this world, there was no artist who could have painted such magnificence. As it turned out, this was the shaoy…

The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 70 - Part 2

This part is sponsored by Kris P. :)

Chapter 70: Enjoying the limelight


Since this day on, the new skill of dancing behind the screen would become popular. Even many imperial concubines dirtied their sleeves to dance behind the screen in order to gain the emperor’s favors. Since it was like that in the palace, then it would also be ubiquitous amongst the commoners; people found out that wherever there was a well, then there would be ink water dance. Soon Li Wei Yang’s name and the dance had spread to every corners in Da Li. But all these happened after, this was something Li Wei Yang didn’t expect. She only thought about wanting to successfully pass this obstacle and let others deeply remember her. It wasn’t that Li Wei Yang didn’t have any talent but she just didn’t want to show off in front of others. The young girls all revealed their talents, someone stood up and said: “Princess, it shouldn’t just be us performing.”

Princess Yo…