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Princess Agents (Chu Qiao Zhuan) Chinese Drama Review

Like many viewers, I fell into the trap and got addicted to Princess Agents. As a fan of the many actors and actresses (Zhao Liying, Lin Gengxin, Shawn Dou, Li Xin, Ian Wang, etc) in the drama, I watched each episode on the day it was aired until Episode 54 (cut version). That was when I realized the TV station was butchering the series with 10-minutes+ recap and only 20 minutes of new content. Around Episode 54, I started becoming confused with the plot and also the rumors of a second season. I enjoy watching happy endings that have a closure because I don't want to spend 40+ hours on a drama with an open ending that doesn't even have a second installment ready to be aired. I think only TV adaptations of Gu Man's novels successfully capture the original storytelling.

My Review: 7/10 stars
It could have been a second Nirvana in Fire but because of the choppy editings and horrible script writing, it failed. There were so many things that could have been elaborated more or cu…

The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 64 Part 1

Sorry for the delay - been busy with other work. This chapter will be split into two parts because of its length. Subsequent chapters with over 20+ pages will also be split into parts as well.
1一帆风顺: literally means the smooth journey of a ship; means everything has been going smoothly 2水涨船高: literally means when the tide rises, the boat floats high; means that someone has a high status because of his relationships with other

Chapter 64 Insidious and Sinister
Li Chang Le frowned and revealed a hesitant expression: “In the past ten days, we have thought of everything, but Father still wanted to imprison you for at least a month.”
“Impossible!” Li Min Feng loudly beamed, “I am Father’s most beloved son, how can he do this to me!” He probably didn’t know but his eyes became sharp with deep discomfort and he was shaking like a leaf that was about to fall.
Li Chang Le said: “Da ge, Father is very angry, everyone has been discussing about this recently, Father has always valued reputation, what y…

The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 63

Translated by Erie (me) and sponsored by Kris P. and Mylinh B. :)
1栽赃陷害: place evidence to frame others – literally means to frame 2三人成虎:when three people say there is a tiger, this becomes the truth – literally means a lie turns into the truth 3添油加醋: add oil and add vinegar – literally means to exaggerate and add colors

Chapter 63: Imprisonment turns into disaster
Li Wei Yang walked out from the main hall and slowly let out a sigh of relief. Bai Zhi was waiting outside, when she saw Li Wei Yang coming out, she hurriedly rushed over: “Xiaojie.”
Li Wei Yang gave her a glance and saw tears flickering in the corners of her eyes. She unconsciously sighed and said: “You are still upset over what happened to Zi Yan?”
Bai Zhi wiped her tears, she said: “Xiaojie, Nubi and Zi Yan entered the residence together, of course, our relationship is closer than others. Even though she bought it onto herself, she died so miserably, Nubi really feels …” 
Li Wei Yang nodded. When San Furen sent someone to tell …

The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 62

*The title means to corrupt public morals.

Chapter 62: Injury to the wind
After that incident, Da Furen had locked Zi Yan up to sell, who knew that Zi Yan would sneak out, taking the opportunity to pester Li Min Feng, threatening him that if he forced her to leave she would reveal everything to the public, causing such a commotion.
Da Furen frowned: “A good banquet, was actually messed up by a childish yatou, someone, take her away.”
Immediately, someone went to lift Zi Yan, Bai Zhi was firmly grasping Zi Yan’s sleeve, with both side pulling, Zi Yan’s clothes were torn in half, Da Furen thundered: “Remove her quickly!”
Bai Zhi suddenly burst out: “Look!”
Everyone’s gazes looked over at her words, to see Zi Yan’s fair collarbone and arms, are covered in bluish purple bruises, one look could tell that they were traces of abuse.

The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 61

This chapter is translated by Angela and sponsored by Aminata S. 

1七嘴八舌:qī zuǐ bā shé- with seven mouths and eight tongues- meaning all talking at once or in confusion

Chapter 61: An uproar
Everyone’s expression became delicate and astonished.
Da Furen’s face suddenly changed, she quickly stood up, then slowly sat back down and said: “Wang Xiaojie, you must be mistaken, it’s dark now---”
Wang Xiaojie shook her head and said: “No, no, I did not see wrong, if you don’t believe me, you can ask my maid, she saw it too!”
The maid’s face was also green, a frightened look: “Xiaojie is right, Nubi also saw it, hanging on the plum blossom tree, the tongue is already sticking out, so scary!”
There was a bad feeling in Da Furen’s heart; she subconsciously looked at Li Wei Yang, unsure why, she felt that this incident and that bitch who was currently drinking tea, had some binding link. Thinking of this, she said decisively: “You must have seen wrong! Someone, help Wang Xiaojie back to her seat.”

The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 60

Another weekly freebie by Chau :)

1Qianjin - honorific for Xiaojies, literal translation: thousand jin 斤 (pounds) of gold
Hostility = unfriendliness or opposition Animosity = strong hostilityàTherefore animosity >> hostility
Chapter 60: Ripples in Spring Water
Taken aback, everyone immediately shifted their gaze and saw a young man standing beyond the door.
His eyes were as bright and clear as the full moon. The clarity and coldness in them could be seen even from afar, isolating him from the world around him, which made others had difficulty keeping their eyes open. His plain white robe was exquisite with its flowing, intricate silver embroidery.
Although it was as simple and natural as that, it had stirred admiration within everyone.
Seventh Prince, Tuoba Yu, Li Wei Yang frowned, even he came…
As Tuoba Yu entered through the doors, he looked straight at Li Wei Yang. Perhaps since the first time they met, when she had schemed against that family with a performance, he found a bit ironic…

The Princess Wei Yang Chapter 59

This chapter is translated by Chau :)
1waigong - maternal grandfather; jiujiu - maternal uncle 2Taizi - Crowned Prince 3hou - English equivalent is Marquis 4shu nu- way of referring to a concubine’s daughter 5zhangbei - elders

Chapter 59: A Sudden Gust of Wind
Something stirred within him as Tuoba Zhen smilingly said: “San Xiaojie is the main person of the banquet today, why did you run here to hide?”
Li Wei Yang idly ran her fingers through her hair, simply smiling: “The banquet is certainly for Dajie to indulge in extravagance. If I stand in Dajie’s way, it would be a crime worthy of a hundred deaths!”
“What are you saying?” Tuoba Zhen was a bit surprised but outwardly maintained his warm smile, “The evening banquet is not held for Da Xiaojie.”
Li Wei Yang smiled softly, “Today, San Huangzi uses his good name to congratulate me, but in truth, you are weighing the worth of us sisters in Father’s heart, is that right?”
“You…” Tuo Ba Zhen did not expect her to be so direct. He was stunned but rem…